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Technology Cluster - Polish Technology Platforms

In 2003 the creation of European Technology Platforms was launched. Platforms are joint ventures between the European Commission, industry, academic institutions and financial decision-making groups and society in order to formulate development strategies for European sectors of the economy and future technologies.


  • Polish Technology Platform for the Automotive Industry (PPTPM)
    In 2006, in Katowice an initiative group, which includes, among others, Exact Systems and the Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry, along with the participation of automotive suppliers appointed PPTPM. The Polish Technology Platform for the Automotive Industry is to collect on the one hand, representatives of parts suppliers and vehicle manufacturers operating in the automotive sector and on the other hand technical colleges and research institutions working for the auto industry. One of the main tasks is to establish PPTPM effective public-private partnership to implement the prepared strategy.

The main lines of action:

  • Development of new technologies leading to radical changes in the sector
  • Reconciliation of different policy objectives from the point of view of sustainable development
  • The development of new technologies of production of goods and services
  • Ensuring the development of the necessary, strategically important sectors
  • Renewal, revival and restructuring of traditional industrial sectors

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