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Controlled quality - no. 1 on the market



Exact Systems client is a Slovak manufacturer and supplier of plastic components for the automotive industry and household appliances. In the manufacturing process the plant uses high-tech production equipment to provide its customers with products of the highest quality.



In mid-2008 an OEM commissioned Exact Systems to open coordination in Slovakia control in the CSL 2 qualitative problem that occurred, which affected the products through the formation during the production of unacceptable aesthetic defects. Due to the time-consuming operations related to the elimination of the cause of the defects, it was necessary to secure the current supply into the factory OEM.



To carry out a visual inspection by delegated Exact Systems Operators with experience with this type of check. The involvement of skilled workers (Inspectors, Development Engineer Suppliers, and Coordinator) enabled a correct inspection CSL2 and guaranteed to provide only compliant products to OEMs.



Carrying out CSL2 based on the highest standards of the organization and quality requirements placed on suppliers by the manufacturer, allowed the supplier to eliminate the causes of defective production.

Key benefits of involvement Exact Systems are:

  • Streamlining the production process at the plant

  • Rebuilding trust of the OEM factory

  • Completion of supply controls the second level.