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Customer Complaint


Exact Systems Client is in the top ten list of the world's largest automotive suppliers. It is a manufacturer of such seat belts, locks belts, regulators and a number of airbags and airbag modules.



Exact Systems Department signalled a problem with one of its products, which has been delivered to an Italian customer. Due to the complexity of the problem the best solution was for a secondment to the Customer, a person with of the product knowledge and possible solutions to the problem. It was necessary to also replace one of the components. Very important was the need for rapid intervention.



Exact Systems, because of a long-term cooperation with the plant, specifically recognized goods produced by him and the associated quality problems. Hence the decision was made to cooperate. In less than 24 hours an experienced engineer from Exact Systems began inspection and replacement of the faulty component in the Italian customer’s plant. Finally, the supplier gave details of the problem, allowing the elimination of likelihood of repeats in the future.



As a result of immediate response and the efficient solution to the situation by a person who knows the product, a good image has been maintained in the eyes of the customer. The plant has proven to its Customer that even in the case of a problem with the quality of the product supplied it is capable of solutions at the highest level.

Key benefits of involvement Exact Systems are:

  • Maintaining a good image of the production plant

  • Avoiding interference in the production cycle of the Client

  • Fast response time to the problem.