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Controlled quality - no. 1 on the market

Customer Service

60 min.
  • Acceptance of the order

    We assign to each of our Customers a Coordinator (service at a plant), to whom we ask our Customers to send the demand for our services (by email or phone conversation).

    Acceptance of the order
  • Contact with supplier

    If the control concerns components from the supplier, after receiving the order from you, we forward the information directly to the supplier – payer of the service.

    Contact with supplier
  • Beginning of the order fulfillment

    The Coordinator is the person who is responsible for starting  the action within 60 minutes from being informed by the Customer. It is theoretically possible to begin the service within few minutes (constant presence of the Coordinator/Controller at the plant). Our Coordinator contacts a person from your company, with whom we work out the detailed criteria and requirements for each order. On the basis of the directions given, the Coordinator fills in the Control Specification.

    Beginning of the order fulfillment
  • Execution of the order

    After the agreement upon the details of the order, Coordinator collects components for the control and in the assigned place begins effective work together with the proper number of Controllers.

    Execution of the order
  • Fulfillment of the order

    Directly after the order is completed we hand over components to our Customer and Coordinator creates a Report. Each pack of elements is properly marked so that there were no problems with their identification in the future.

    Fulfillment of the order
  • Daily reports

    The Coordinator fills in Daily Report form and gives it to the Customer. The form includes all detailed information concerning effects of provided services (number of controlled parts- OK-NOK, defects’ pareto etc.)

    Daily reports
  • On-line reports

    Our Customers, as well as Suppliers, have access to the Extranet, thanks to which they can verify the results and data concerning services provided by us 24h/day.

    On-line reports
  • Accomplishment of the service

    Directly after order fulfillment we send a service evaluation to Supplier with a copy of an invoice, the original of which is sent immediately by the post.

    Accomplishment of the service
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