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Finished Product Protection


Exact Systems’ client is a manufacturing facility which mainly deals with the processing of elastomers. Its products are offered to the automotive, industrial, aerospace and home appliances industries.



The period of transition of the product from the test phase to mass production volume is a time of intense observation of compliance and obtained characteristics. It is also the time to eliminate any deficiencies and irregularities. Final inspection conducted by plant employees adversely affected the performance of their work standards and steps of the production process. Also problematical was the organization of controls, the reporting of results or lack of available staff to increase production at the time of customer orders.



Exact Systems, by guaranteeing the customer a short response time, a professional reorganization of inspections carried out and adapting the current customer orders and production levels to the number of trained Inspectors, achieved its goal of eliminating defective products supplied to the customer. As an external company taking over the organization of the whole system, the Controllers supervised the controls. In the course of the inspection, Exact Systems reported results of systematic controls in order to provide a reliable information database for further analysis.



Finished the Product protection service, which provided Exact Systems, helped to ensure the quality complying with the specifications of the supply to the customer. After diagnosing the cause of the failure and eliminating the causes, in the end it was possible to control the final product.

Key benefits of involvement Exact Systems are:

  • Protection against unforeseen costs associated with customer complaint

  • Current access to the detailed results of the inspection reporting system EXTRANET

  • Concentration of Manufacturing Plant in strategic areas that overcome the problem of quality

  • Motivation of production workers / assembly to improve the quality of work

  • Transfer of responsibility for the quality of the product on the external company.