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Process Improvements


Exact Systems client is one of the world's leading manufacturers of braking systems and other products dedicated to the automotive industry.



the manufacturer of braking systems has been asked by his client to produce a casing for a prototype pump in the hydraulic braking system. From the beginning, the contractor was not able to produce enough test products as well as to ensure the repeatability of the process in the series production stage. The plant had to put a multistage process of product quality control and continuous monitoring of the process due to the lack of stability. The main problems to be solved were: parameters of the casting process, incorrect design tools and foundry cores, the lack of adequately trained staff and a lack of maintenance and the poor condition of the equipment for production.



Exact Systems was responsible for the continuous monitoring of the process as well as technical support to its suppliers. During the project the consultant had to perform operations such as analysis of the design of the mould, sand cores, the introduction of a program of planned maintenance of equipment and the necessary repairs, conducting training for employees, monitoring daily production and process parameters, the selection of process parameters in order to stabilize and daily reporting of progress of the project, as well as the results of the changes.



When all the proposed changes had been implemented, the supplier has stabilized the manufacturing process and produced a sufficient number of good quality products for testing purposes for the customer.

Key benefits of involvement Exact Systems are:

  • Improving relationships supplier-customer

  • Reducing the cost of the Supplier

  • To pick up the knowledge and tools to proper planning and monitoring process that can be used for the following projects

  • Improving the timeliness and quality of supply

  • Reduction of costs.