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Controlled quality - no. 1 on the market



Exact Systems client is a French supplier, one of the manufacturers in the polyester industry. They work with customers of the automotive industry and also supply its product to other customers. The company was founded in 1910 and currently is the leading supplier of webbing being a part of reel seat belts. It meets the highest quality requirements that are placed in the automotive industry.



The production of the webbing is a multistep complex process, which consists of many operations. At the time of the problem raised by the client and non-conformity with the agreed specification, only a detailed knowledge of the process would ensure the ability to correctly identify the problem and fix it. Taking any action in order to separate the defective tape is not a simple task without knowledge of the product and the availability of specialized equipment for measurement and control. Because of the distance location of the customer's personal intervention facility supplier is very costly, time-consuming and impossible to carry out immediately.



Among the controllers at Exact Systems a person was selected who met the requirements of the customer, such as technical education, foreign language, literacy and knowledge of measuring devices. The selected person held two-week training in the manufacturing plant of the French supplier. The training ended with a theoretical and practical test that verified the achievement of the intended purpose - to familiarize themselves with potential quality problems, the reason for their creation and the way to solve them. The resident controller was also equipped with monitoring devices (e.g. Crockmeter - necessary to measure the durability of the colour). After initial training the resident controller was treated as an employee of the supplier and was informed of any problematic situations. Thanks to the quick reaction, resolving problems on the spot, this significantly reduced the risk of damage to reputation as well as the risks associated with stopping the production line of the client.



Since the implementation of the Resident responsible for representing the interests of the supplier, the supplier noted a reduction in customer problems and increases the quality of the supplied tape. Were eliminated time-consuming and expensive selections throughout the party. Resident and his team of inspectors lived requirements of the customer.

Key benefits of involvement Exact Systems are:

  • Saving cost and time spent on visits to the customer

  • Reducing the amount of the claim and the ratio of defective PPM

  • Preventing escalation of quality issues

  • Improving the image and customer-supplier relationship

  • Reduce costs by optimizing the scrapping or repair options.