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Controlled quality - no. 1 on the market

You are a Supplier


Sorting & Rework is an answer to two questions: do you have a quality issue with deliveries to your Customer? Is there a risk of production line stoppages because of faulty components from your delivery?

60 minutes - this is how long we need to respond to a supplier’s request and begin the selection / control of components. As a result, we only deliver compatible components to customer’s production line and don’t allow it to stop.


Final Product Quality Control

Final Product Quality Control is an answer to one question: do you want to protect the quality of your product before shipping to customer?

100% - this is the certainty of quality specification that supplier receives if he decides to use our support for the control of the finished product. Consequently he protects himself against costly customer complaints.



The Extranet is an answer to one question: do you lack reliable and objective data regarding the complaint process?

24h/7 - our on-line reporting system gives a supplier constant and current access to information about the complaint process and enables the analysis of the results of quality control.


Resident Engineering

Resident Engineering is an answer to two questions: do constant quality problems hinder you in maintaining a good relationship with your client? Do you care about improving the image of your company in the eyes of a customer?

Resident Engineer he will be representing supplier’s interests and maintaining good relationships on his behalf. Additionally the supplier receives ongoing support in the event of unforeseen problems with the quality of deliveries.



Process Improvement is an answer to two questions: does your Customer require changes in a product or improvement in production process from you? Are you able to handle this issue on your own?

Ideas and commitmentthose are provided by our engineers and specialists in solving any problem with the process or modification of a product. This solution is ideal if your own engineers are involved in another job or the lack of ideas making it difficult to initiate changes to satisfy your customer.



CSL II is an answer to one question: does recurring problems with the quality of your supplies force the customer to launch the second level control procedure?

Transferring control in the process of CSL II will allow you satisfy the need for ongoing orders and give you time to implement appropriate changes and eliminate weaknesses.



VDA 6.3 process audit answers several questions, ex. whether all areas of my production processes are on the appropriate level, due to the incoming ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certification? Have I remembered about every aspect of the standards? Can the potential Client certify me as the Supplier? Is the present Client certain that my production processes are on the appropriate level?

VDA 6.3 process audit is a professional service provided by our best specialists with vast experience in quality departments of Automotive industry. It aims to highlight those areas of production processes, which need improvement before starting the ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certification process. Our Auditors, who bring you a fresh perspective, are able to catch areas for improvement and help with removing all the inconveniences, which might badly influence the cooperation with the present Client  or the final decision of the new, potential Client.