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VDA 6.3 Audits


Exact Systems Client is a supplier of metal components used in steering systems.



Metal components Manufacturer prepares to ISO 9001 and TS16949 certification. What is more, this Manufacturer have recently developed significantly – extended his offer, which worries the final Receiver of his manufactures, and He wants to check if due to the dynamic development, every aspect of production processes of his Supplier is on the appropriate quality level. Additionally, the offer of metal manufactures interested the Manufacturer of breaking systems, thus He wants to analyse  his potential as a new Supplier.



Exact Systems, through providing fully professional service of VDA 6.3 internal Audit, deeply analysed and stressed all the areas for improvement and help in their identification. Thereby, the Supplier positively passed the certification process, maintained good relationship with present Client, and also gained new Client – breaking systems Manufacturer.



VDA 6.3 process Audit service provided by Exact Systems allowed improving the quality of existing production processes. Thanks to expert advices of professional Auditors, the Supplier avoided losing his reputation and good name, and at the same time lowered costs and generated more profit.

What is more, the Client obtained a professional report with indication of areas for improvement in his Client plant, and also was assured that the supplier is able to meet all his quality needs and to supply a compliant product.

The most important benefits of Exact Systems involvement:

  • Professional, fast and above all discrete service allows eliminating all problems connected to production process, without pointing out the fact that the Supplier has a quality problem.
  • Bringing a new perspective of a production process, which guarantees a set of complex solutions – our Auditors are qualified crew of specialists with many years of experience in Automotive industry.
  • Improvement of or building up a relationship Supplier – Client.
  • Providing the supplier with knowledge and tools for proper process planning and monitoring, which may be used for future projects.
  • Improvement of quality of a process through reduction of wastage, and thus cost reduction and generating more profit.
  • Preventing escalation of process and quality problems.